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Sorting and memories

During the holidays, my trombones so far been standing in their boxes/bags in a room here at home. I have not had any great desire to pick the pieces together into a complete trombone for practice. A bit desire to practice appeared however the other day.
I sorted a bunch of sheet music that was laying in a big plastic bin in the storage room. Mostly, it was sheet music from auditions and training material for symphony orchestral concerts. Everything from Mozart’s requiem to Henze’s Symphony No. 7. A lot of sheet music that created a lot of memories. As Ravel Daphne and Chloe. A piece I played during my time as a substitute in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra under the guidance of their, at that time, chief conductor Mariss Jansons. Just me and another trombonist. The others sat and listened to the two of us for about 10 minutes. Those minutes felt like hours. Mariss Janons had, and perhaps still has, the idea of testing new musicians in his orchestra by letting they play alone. Apparently we managed test. We was allowed to go on the 3 weeks-long tour that followed. Of course  the whole orchestra played the piece on the concerts.
I also found sheet music of Haydn’s Creation. If you know the repertoire as a trombonist, you then know it’s a part (No. 26) of the piece, which almost always occurs on auditions for bass trombone. A well known ordeal. I unfortunately I must say I have played the Creation with a conductor that removed the bass trombone part from the beginning of that section. Apparently, you can do so as a conductor. Despite all the sorting I didn’t got that yearn for practicing. Hopefully it will be there when the holidays are over and the schedule says; work! Hope so!